colourful wall art

For all the beautiful images of the most aspirational and inspiring homes from all over the world the reality is that many of us live in homes styled in a much safer and more neutral fashion.  The incredible piece of wall art in the picture above can’t help but catch our eye and make us dream just a little of making a bold and daring statement for ourselves, but then doubt creeps in and we wonder how we could ever make it work, and do we have the room, and where do we even begin???  Perhaps the best place to start then is with the basics and then build in confidence and experience from there… 

colour splash paintingcolour pop chairs

A great way to inject some life into your rooms and make people do a double-take is to introduce some subtle co-ordinating colour splashes or colour pops to dramatic effect.  Placing one bright, bold statement piece into an otherwise muted space creates a focal point that draws the eye, adding some much needed energy.  Go a little further and match just a few more items in the same vibrant shades and your room will really come alive and start to feel like one carefully designed space.

colour pop room

Naturally we think one of the best solutions is to add in a decal or two!  Why?  Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, our wall stickers come in a range of colours for you to choose from, so if you feel like you want to create a strong theme like in the picture below you can simply pick your sticker in the colour and style that matches the other pieces in the room.  Alternatively use one of our colourful designs as the main colour splash in your room to create an impactful focal point.  Secondly, all of our products are designed to be easily removable, which provides a great opportunity for flexibility – simply peel them off when it’s time to update your colour, avoiding the time, effort and expense of completely redecorating.

yellow colour pop theme room

If you’re feeling enthused but need a little more convincing, you can follow The Binary Box tumblr blog to see the images and ideas we find from around the web, and you can also find all the images in this post and many more from the following Tumblr bloggers, all of which are a great source of interiors and design inspiration: