Unique gift ideas for Mother's Day
With Mother’s Day fast approaching, many of us are frantically looking for last minute gift inspiration. Fortunately there are so many unique and simple ideas out there, you can surprise Mum with something truly thoughtful, no matter what your budget is. We’ve rounded up some of our favourites…
We’re giving away £150 worth of Banksy wall stickers!
Illusive graffiti artist Banksy has earned national treasure status with his works of political and social commentary that cover the streets of cities around the world...
Win £150 Worth of Wall Stickers Competition
Would you love to kit out your home with a graffiti inspired shrine to Banksy? Or show your patriotic side with our best of British collection?
Give A Bird A Home With Our Pop Art Sparrow Wall Stickers
So spring is nearly upon us and there will be a flurry of nature bursting into full swing as baby birds tweet and chirp and many a baby sparrow will be born. So with this in mind we set to work on our latest creation using the humble sparrow as our inspiration.
Our Top Drawer Spring 2014 Experience
We’ve just got back from Top Drawer 2014 and we thought you’d like to see what we got up to. This was the first outing of our new retail packaging and point-of-sale displays plus the official launch of our new range of Dear Zoo and Rastamouse childrens wall stickers along with a host of new collections new for 2014. Chris Chadwick (Creative Director) and Rob Etchells (Technical Guru and all-round wall sticker expert) were down at Earls Court in London representing The Binary Box.
Spring Clean Your Home In Style
We are slowly but surely creeping in to Spring, and what better time to get ahead on all the tidying, storing and organising you’ve been putting off since Christmas? By freeing up space around your home you might even rediscover spaces that haven’t been clutter-free in a long time...
Bring story time to life with these simple ideas
With it being World Book Day, we’ve been getting nostalgic about or favourite bedtime stories, our fictional heroes and our sworn enemies (we’re looking at you Captain Hook!). For many of us, we are also transported back to exactly where we were when we delved in to a good story...
New Self Adhesive Wallpaper Range Out Now
You may have seen feature walls in restaurants, bars and even hotels and this trend is becoming ever more popular in the home too. So we have worked to create a stunning new collection of reusable easy to apply self-adhesive wallpapers that really are a doddle to apply.
Give Life To Your Office Desk Using Wall Stickers
You sit there and look at it every day for how many hours? What eight if you're lucky enough to work by the hour and maybe 10 plus hours every single day if you're on salary.
Meat cuts wall stickers best served rare
This is on for all you meat lovers, gourmet gurus or occasional BBQ kings. Hungered by our love of all things meat and our curiosity for where the various cuts come from the idea was born for our latest range of meat cuts wall stickers. We thought up this idea as an ideal mouth-watering centrepiece for all foodies to have as pride of place in the kitchen or pantry.

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